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Welcome to Myanmar Artworks !

Toddy Juice Climber Works of relatively unknown artists in Myanmar have finally arrived on the cyber space. We are just at the begining stage. So many more to be seen in the near future. Due to the political economical situations and various discriminations exercised consciously and / or un-consciously, the artists in Myanmar ( or Burma ) are, like others in so-called poor countries, almost completely unknown to the general public of the world.

On one summer day, in his flat in Yankin township of Yangon, the artist U Mya Aye ( Mr. Mya Aye ) and one of his close neighbours and friends talked about building a web site to promote the works of artists they could find. A few months later this web site has been built for the artists to sell their creations. The base of this internet marketing is in Bangkok because in Myanmar people do not have internet access.

In this web site we put several works ( oil paintings, water color paintings and mixed media ) of various artists. There are also some photos and sketchworks showing the scenes in the country of Burma, which can be used by clients to order their exclusive painting of the same or similar scenery. In the future there will be more items to put on sale. We also produce hand painted cards ( post cards and greeting cards ) on white card paper. Please see some of the sample paintings on cards at "Myanmar Scenes" link above.

Therefore to help the lives of poor but excellent quality artists, please use this web site whenever you want an artwork from South East Asia.